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Welcome to Weave. Weave is a musical project created by Jasmine and Nathan Miller. Based at Peregian, on the Sunshine Coast, the couple create indie-folk songs about family, vulnerability, and change. Their intention is to weave together these threads of meaning into songs through imagery metaphor, and to inspire connection and hope in others. Ambient acoustic guitar arrangements incorporating different styles from Middle Eastern to folk-roots, combine with evocative lyrics to create the Weave sound.

Weave has recently recorded its first single ‘Acacia’ in Brisbane at James North Productions with the help of Mark Henman on drums. ‘Acacia’ is a deeply personal song about how the love of someone we have lost can influence how we choose to live. Weave is embarking on its next adventure, a road trip down the East Coast of Australia, and will keep you posted on social media.

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